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My Reviews

Radio Show: Date was 10-30-97 I was getting ready in the morning like every other morning when I remembered Meredith was coming to Connecticut for a Halloween Bash (21 and older, I couldn't get in) and I turned on my radio and they were in charge of the whole thing. Meredith called in that morining and talked about what her life was like and what she plans to do next in her carrer. They also talked about her new single "What Would Happen". I absouluty loved the radio show but I was mad I couldn't go see her preform live that night!

Television Show Date: 2-24-98 Meredith came on MTV Live yesterday because they were having "Grammy Week" there. I knew it was coming on and I taped everything! She talked about how it was to be nominated for a Grammy, her songwriting, and her life. I'm glad they had her on, they focused on her the most (Paula Cole was also there) I'm happy people are finally realizing that Meredith is more then a Bitch!

Your Reviews

Tell Me What you Thought Of Meredith!

This section will be used for reviews of Television Shows Meredith's Been on, Concerts you've seen, and Radio Show interviews. I want to know what you thought about them so e-mail them over to me at....

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