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Meredith Brooks News!

Here is some news about the goddess:

3-12-98- sorry for the lack of updatees but meredith has won Blockbuster's Favorite New Female Artist! WAY TO GO MEREDITH!

2-12-98: I was watching TV and MTV's grammy guide was on and some local people came and picked the people they thought would win a grammy and for best rock song Meredith was chosen! and qutoed from Steve Tyler " She wears boots well" well thought you'd like to know! τΏτ

1-31-98 on Febuary 10, 1998 "What Would Happen" single will be reeleased in the US!

1-6-98 Meredith was nominated for 2 Grammys! Which include Best Rock Song and Best Female Rock Performance!

12-19-97 Meredith was nominated for the Blockbuster awards as "Best New Female Artist!

12-??-97 Meredith came in #76 for VH-1 all time top 100 countdown! Also came in #4 for VH-1's 1997 countdown! and # 35 (I think) for MTV's top 100 of 1997! Way to go Meredith!!

More News to come whenever some comes!

Above is a picture of Meredith Brooks' new single "What Would Happen" it's in stores now and it was released 2-10-98

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