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Meredith Brooks Quiz!!

1.) What is the name of Meredith's FIRST solo Album?

A. Blurring The Edges B. Meredith is Here C. See it Through My Eyes

2.) What Band was Meredith in?

A. Pumpkins B. Graces C. Mouth

3.) What year did Meredith move to LA?

A. 1992 B. 1984 C. 1989

4.) What State was Meredith brought up in?

A. Oregon B. Montana C. Maine

5.) What age did Meredith grauate high school?

A. 15 B. 16 C. 17

6.) What person is Meredith always being compared too?

A. Sheryl Crow B. Sarah McLachlan C. Alanis Morrisette

7.) What Number did Blurring The Edges debut at on Billboard

A. 1 B. 2 C. 6

That's The Quiz..check below to see if you answered rite!

Answers To Quiz!

Answers...How well did you do??

1.) C

2.) B

3.) C

4.) A

5.) A

6.) C

7.) B

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